Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour Consultations

Did you know that pets can suffer from mental health issues such as fear, anxiety, panic and phobias? In fact, more dogs and cats are affected by behavioural problems than any other medical condition. Left untreated or managed inappropriately, the situation can quickly worsen, leading to patient (and owner) suffering, an increase risk of injury to people and other pets, relinquishment and euthanasia.
Correction of problem behaviors is most effective if treatment is implemented early, particularly if they occur in puppies, kittens or young adults.
Pets that have been rehomed may be at higher risk of developing anxiety related conditions, such as separation distress, fear and aggression.

Assessment by a Veterinary Behaviour Consultant should be
considered promptly for pets that are showing signs of:

  • Fear of people and other pets
  • Aggression including lunging on leash, growling and biting
  • Phobias and panic, for example during storm, fireworks, cars, leash walks, noises etc
  • Barking and distress when left on their own
  • Compulsive behaviours such as circling, sucking, licking and
    swallowing items such as rocks
  • An apparent inability to focus and learn
  • Increased motor activity, reactivity
  • Barking at everything and everyone
  • Hyper-reactivity and an inability to settle

Whilst a cure may not be possible, with understanding, management and sometimes medication, together we can help provide both you and your special pet with an improved quality of life.

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